Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

Caravans and RVs aren't the easiest vehicles to store and maintain if you have limited garage or undercover space. Long periods in the caravan park or open storage open them up to some trying weather conditions and eroding elements, whilst travelling along mud and dirt roads adorned with puddles can mean a filthy looking portable home that needs to be cleaned at some point. Protect your investment from the harsh environment, theft and vandalism with a cover for your pop top recreational vehicle.

Better resale value

A caravan cover is a great investment in your recreational vehicle, potentially retaining thousands of dollars in resale for you when it comes time to move it on. Buyers are always weary of damage and decay to these vehicles and a cover is the best way to protect against signs of wear.

Tips for buying

Caravans come in all shapes and sizes and so do covers. On eBay you'll find listings for covers specifically designed to fit a certain caravan make or model, which narrows things down for you. Try typing your make and model into the search box to filter the listings, or alternatively, you may find a filter check box for your brand in the advanced search features. If you can't find a cover specifically for your make and model, the next best thing is to measure the length of your caravan, as listings for covers will typically display their suitable length, often in feet, even in the listing title. Remember: 1 metre is approximately 3.3 feet.

Make note of where doors and awnings are located on your caravan, as many covers have zippers that allow you access to these without removing the cover completely. This means you can leave the cover on fulltime or clean and work on the caravan interior while it is in storage.

Other parts and accessories

Once you've got your caravan covered, don't forget to cover yourself! eBay can help you find competitive prices on other caravan parts and accessories, such as caravan awnings that will keep you out of the sun and rain without having to hole up inside and miss the great outdoors.

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