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Portable Audio Record Players and Turntables

Records are making a comeback. Of course, this means audio record players and turntables are also making a comeback. There are almost too many options out there to know where to start looking, from newer digitally compatible record players and turntables to traditional styles and everything in between.

Sound Quality

There are a few reasons why vinyls are returning to the mainstream, and one of those is the sound quality. Many record enthusiasts say vinyl sounds better, and it turns out they might be right. Experts agree that the sound that records and turntables create have a warmth to them because of the quality of the surfaces of the records.

Musical Experience

As with the sound quality, part of the reason that records are back is because of the experience they offer. Much of the music we listen to today is instant; we download a song, or stream it. While convenient, this tends to mean music is less of an occasion, and more background noise. Turntables and records help make music analogue, and that makes our experience of it analogue too.

Turntable types

There are a few different types of turntables; belt drive portable turntables, direct drives and even newer electronic turntables. Belt drive turntables use a belt to spin the plate the record sits on, so the stylus can move over the groves in the record and create the sound you hear. As the belt absorbs shock, they tend to have less noise transmission. A motor turns a direct drive turntable, and can be a bit more consistent than belt drives.

USB Compatibility

Some turntables have Record Player turntables with USB transfer, which means you can both play the record on the turntable, and it can transfer the record to your computer as a sound file via USB. This might be a good option for you if you have some records you’d like to convert to a digital format.

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