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Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD players are small, compact machines that allow users to watch DVDs while on the go, such as in a plane or automobile during long trips. While it's certainly possible to watch streaming services on tablets and smartphones, for those wanting to play DVDs they already own, portable DVD players are an easy and usually cost-effective alternative.

Portable DVD Player Options

Portable DVD players can come with many different options. For example, some come with a multiple language menu; Letterbox, and even built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some are manufactured to permit Full HD video display, or to play Blu-Ray DVDs. Some can even dual-screen with other electronics.

Portable DVD Player Brands

There are many different portable DVD player brands, which each produce portable DVD players in a variety of different sizes, media formats, and options. Among the most popular are Philips, TEAC and Laser. Higher end brands include Sony, Samsung, Emerson, Cambridge Audio, Disney and LG. Other brands include SANYO, Toshiba, Magnavox, Hitachi, Akai and Pioneer.

Portable DVD Player Sizes

On the larger end, portable DVD players can range to 15 inches and 17 inches, comparable to larger-size laptops. Smaller options are available from 9 inch to 14 inch devices, and at half and quarter-sizes in between. Screen sizes for each of these can vary, as some are smaller than the total size of the portable DVD player.

Portable DVD Player Features

Most portable DVD players come standard with a variety of features. These generally include audio jacks, remote controllers, ports to connect the portable player to traditional television sets and carrying cases. Some may have optional wired power cords or secondary battery packs. Others may even come with game controllers, USB ports for additional media options, and even access to video streaming services.

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