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Got one to sell?

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You've invited friends and family over for a summer BBQ. The barbie's fired up, the meat is ready to go, and the drinks are chilled, but there's one problem. It's not just hot. It's sweltering. The sun feels like fire, the air is so dry it feels like you're breathing dust. The last thing you want to do is move the party inside, or even worse, cancel the entire thing.

Stay cool all summer with a misting fan

What you need is a misting fan. Perfect for outdoor areas such as a patio, verandah, backyard, or even for taking down to the park for a picnic, a misting fan keeps you perfectly cool by blowing a fine spray of water into the air. The water evaporates, helping to remove the heat from the air and keep you cooler. Best for dry heat days, rather than humid days, a misting or spray fan will help you enjoy the outdoors all summer long.

Explore the features of a misting spray fan

Misting fans may have a tank or they may be tankless. Tankless fans hook up to the garden hose and are great for using over long periods, but are obviously not a portable option, as they need a running water source. If you opt for a tank option instead, consider the size of the tank and how often you will need to refill it. A very loose rule of thumb says that a 19 litre tank will provide around eight hours of non-stop use.

Some misting fans use nozzles to release water, while others use a centrifugal system to spray the water from plates in the centre of the fan. Nozzle fans deliver low pressure and tend to release a wetter spray, whereas centrifugal fans deliver high pressure and a fine, dry mist. These are more efficient at cooling, but tend to be more expensive.

Enjoy the benefits of cooling in a space of any size

When comparing the options, always consider the misting fan's coverage area to ensure it offers the required cooling effect in the given space. Different speeds can help you customise your cooling experience, and a fan-only setting will also give you more flexibility. While checking out the various options available, you may want to check out eBay's range of air conditioners and ceiling fans as well. Whatever the cooling option you need, you're sure to chill out with the superb range available on eBay today.

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