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Portable Projector Screens

Portable projector screens come in very handy for home, holiday and office use. Available in indoor and outdoor models, portable projector design options include fixed frames, folding tripods, table tops, retractable pull-downs, roll-ups, pop-ups, self-adhesive and folding big screens. Most portable projection screen designs allow the projector to be set up in front of the screen. If you need room to move in front of the screen, look for a rear projection screen to set up your projection equipment behind. Screen sizes from 60 to 300 inches and more offer options to fit any space. HD and 3D projection screens give you that realism and feeling of actually being there.

Using a Portable Projector Screen at Home or on Holiday

Bring out the popcorn and create a big-screen cinema experience at home or on holiday. Put an outside screen beside your barbecue or your deck, or turn your living room into a theatre space on the weekend. Set up the projector screen, and gather your family and friends to watch a favourite movie, a big game or test match. Take an outdoor portable screen camping for the outdoor cinematic experience, play games, or show off your latest expedition with your GoPro or drone over a stunning track or spot. Celebrating a significant event such as a wedding, big anniversary or birthday? Make the milestone even more memorable with images projected onto a screen to mark your occasion.

Using a Portable Projector Screen for Business

For businesses or corporate use, portable projector screens are ideal for presentations, particularly for office environments with limited space or with people who present their pitches on the road. Use a tabletop version for a small meeting room or office, or a larger screen with a wide viewing angle for a bigger audience. In education and learning environments, portable projector screens are an advantage in delivering and emphasising course or classroom content. Pull them out or put them up when needed, and tuck them away when not in use.

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