Portable Washing Machines

Portable Washing Machines

Convenient and easy to use, portable washing machines allow you to clean clothes on the go. These compact and lightweight washing machines work for a variety of purposes, and though theyre much smaller in size than large capacity washing machines they come in quite handy and get the job done when you only need to wash a few garments. Perfect for travel, these arent your average home appliances; theyre mobile machines that make cleaning clothes a cinch.


Portable machines come in a variety of sizes and types. Most portable washers are top-load options, which makes it easier to clean clothes as you travel. However, types range from miniature versions of regular, stainless steel washers to inexpensive plastic designs. Select from single or twin-tub styles and for small spaces, such as campers, opt for countertop versions that take up little room. Select a washer by the size of laundry it holds, which could range anywhere from 4kg to a roomy 5kg of space. Machines range in colour from standard white to blue, pink, purple or even green.


Though they may be tiny, these portable washers are mighty and come packed with features that make mobile laundry simple. Some portable washers feature many of the same functions as regular-sized models, including electronic controls and an LED display as well as different speeds and settings. Some miniature machines offer dual duty with the option to wash as well as dry using the same appliance. Rust-resistant options last a long time with repetitive use, and easy installation models means you can set up your machine in minutes and be ready to wash.


Many well-known brands make portable and compact washing machines, including Haier, Whirlpool and Coleman. Other brands you may recognise including Companion and Supex. Whether youre brand loyal or shopping by features or budget, there are many options available. Before you purchase a washer no matter what the brand is, ensure you have the space for it. Consider where youll place your appliance and measure the area so you have an idea of the dimensions when it comes to available space.


Portable washers have an endless array of uses, but the most common use for a compact washer or dryer is camping. Keep your clothes clean no matter how long you rough it by adding a portable washer to your list of camping necessities. Theyre also great for new parents who need to wash stained baby clothes on the fly, or cloth nappies. Use them in an RV, at the office or in a garage apartment or dorm. There are many ways to use one and theyre a handy, convenient way to keep clean clothes on hand at all times.