Stay Fresh and Clean on the Go With a Portable Washing Machine

When most of your time is spent in a dorm room, RV, or small apartment, it can be a challenge to keep your clothing washed, especially if you don't have a washer and dryer or laundry room nearby. Portable washing machines are an excellent tool for those with limited options when it comes to cleaning their clothes, and below are just a few of their features and benefits to help you choose the right option for you.

What to consider before buying a portable washing machine

The first thing that you'll want to take into consideration is how much space you actually have to store the unit. Portable washing machines come in several different sizes, so it's a good idea to check the manufacturer's website for more sizing information before you make a purchase. The portable washers you will find on eBay offer different load sizes as well, so be sure to consider the capacity of the unit as well.

Essentials to look for in portable washing machines

There are many different styles and features available where portable washing machines are concerned. Here are just some of the things you might find when shopping for a cheap portable washer:

  • Manual operation - If the portable washer is being used in a space with no or limited electricity, you may want to consider using a manual model that operates with a foot pedal or hand crank.
  • Automatic - Portable washing machines that hook up to the electricity will work similarly to a standard washing machine but it generally less noisy and more compact.
  • Dryer - Some portable washing machines also have an extra tub to act as a spin dryer. If drying your clothes is a concern, make sure to purchase a machine that will both wash and dry for you.
What brands make portable washing machines?

There are dozens of appliance companies all over the world, but here are just a few of them that make portable washing machines for your convenience:

  • The Laundry Alternative - You can find both automatic and manually operated portable washing machines in sleek compact styles with bright colour options.
  • Haier - Though they're known for making standard-sized appliances, Haier has also created a collection of portable washers that will easily fit in any room of the house and conveniently hooks up to a sink for easy access to water.
  • Pyle - Pyle creates affordable electric washing machines that are compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces without taking up a lot of space.