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Power Point Socket

Most modern households have electrical devices and appliances used on a daily basis for easier living. Depending on your location, different adapters are also compatible with different sockets, voltage, and frequency. Finding the correct power point socket, or€electrical socket, for specific appliances is very important as this determines the device's overall performance.€Most standard electrical sockets€are 15 amps, making them ideal for lights and small appliances. However, if you are looking for€electrical switches€to power larger appliances, then you'll need to buy outlets with higher amps.

What's your home's circuit type?

Before deciding on a plug socket, you need to understand the type of circuit your home has. The two standard circuits are:

  • 15 amps
  • 20 amps

You should be able to locate it on the circuit breaker. It is usually marked on the handle. This indicates maximum amperage that the circuit can handle before it trips.

Some houses come armed with either a 15-amp or a 20-amp circuit while others have a combination of the two unbranded electrical sockets€amperes. Refer to your house's breaker panel to see whether your home is armed to handle a 20-amp outlet. This is very important as any misuse can lead to wire overheat or an electrical fire. Note: you can use a 15-amp plug on a 20-amp circuit but a 20-amp plug cannot be used on a 15-amp circuit as the circuit will not be able to handle the electric power.

What are the most common electrical sockets?

If you are looking to make an upgrade to your home's wiring, then you need to understand all the different types of sockets available.

  • 15 amp and 20 amp sockets
  • Combination outlet is ideal for anyone looking to save space as they have a two-in-one feature
  • Tamper resistant socket is ideal for anyone with small kids because they come equipped with shutters that only open when the correct plug is inserted
  • A split circuit socket has two electrical sockets wired on€different€circuit
  • A high voltage outlet is mostly used for washing machines and dryers
  • Power point socket

Are there other types of electrical outlets?

Aside from the mentioned models, other electrical sockets include:

  • Duplex€double power point€sockets
  • GFCI outlets
  • Rotating electrical sockets
  • USB socket
  • Weather-resistant outlets
  • Underground electrical sockets
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