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Pre-Workout supplements

Protein makes up almost 80% of muscle mass, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough when you’re working out. Pre-workout protein shakes and bodybuilding supplements can help you build and maintain muscle mass, repair faster and have a better workout. However, choosing the right product is vital to getting the most out of your protein shakes.

Why a Pre-Workout Supplement

It matters what kind of training you plan to do after taking your pre-workout protein powder. You might be doing an intense workout that requires a lot of energy, or an endurance-based workout better suited to a product that slowly releases energy. You might be trying to burn fat or build muscle. All these considerations will influence which protein shakes and bodybuilding supplement is the best choice.

Stimulant or muscle-building?

The two main types of pre-workout supplements work by either giving you a short burst of energy using ingredients that act as stimulants, or by building muscles that are more suited to giving you long-term muscle growth, to help increase mass and repair muscles after a hard workout. You might also choose to use a combination of the two supplement types.

Types of Protein

There are several types of protein available, and each has its own benefits. Whey protein shakes and bodybuilding supplements are the most common, and have been associated with muscle growth and fat loss. Casein and milk protein powders come from cow's milk. Egg protein is another option that is regaining popularity. Vegetarian and vegan options include pea, rice and soy proteins; however, these aren’t always as easy for the body to process.


The best-known protein powders have some ingredients in common. Caffeine, BCAAs, Creatine and Beta-Alanine are some commonly promoted compounds to look for when choosing your pre-workout supplement. Make sure you consider your personal circumstances and preference, as well as factors like your tolerance to stimulants, before choosing a product.

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