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Pressure Cookers

A good addition to any home cook's arsenal of cookware, pressure cookers are stock pots you seal shut before placing on a stove to heat so that the build-up of pressure helps cooks food faster than conventional cooking methods. Nowadays, people typically have less and less time to cook a full meal, which is why this type of cookware has become more popular. Using one shortens cook times for a variety of dishes without requiring you to check in and stir the contents. After all, simpler meal preparation makes life much easier.


Tefal pressure cookers boast a well-known name, and the range also includes rice and multi-cookers. On the other hand, Breville pressure cookers include both electric models and multi-cookers. Moreover, Breville sells digital cookers as well. These let you use a preset timer to cook meals at a specific time so you can plan for mealtimes easier.


The two main types of pressure cookers include ones you use on the stove or ones you set on the counter and plug in. For the former, power concerns do not apply as it depends on your stove and how high you set the heat. However, when it comes to electric models, they range from 500 to 1300 watts. Larger pressure cookers tend to have higher wattage and can cook food a bit faster than the lower wattage ones.


If you’re looking to save some money but still want a reliable pressure cooker, you can find many second-hand options, whether they are used or refurbished. With regular ones, as long as the pot seals shut properly, there isn't much else to worry about. Of course, with electric models, there are more areas of concern in terms of whether it's still in working order. Alternatively, you can find brand new options as well.


The variety of accessories available adds versatility to your kitchen. The right one transforms your trusty pressure cooker into a juicer, canner, and oven. Other accessory options include pizza plates, steamer baskets, racks, and even heat-proof containers for easy clean-up.

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