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Printer Toner Cartridges

Though it's easy to get confused, ink and toner are two different products, and generally, toner provides a different function than ink, so most printers require both to work properly and provide you with the highest quality documents and photos. Toner ensures clear, crisp and smudge-free projects so purchasing the right printer toner cartridges requires a few considerations. Cartridges are simple to replace and require no additional equipment to change out.

Printer Type

Purchasing the right toner toner cartridges depends on the type of printer you have. There are two distinct types of printers that require just the right cartridges in order to work. Some printers need inkjet printer toner cartridges while others use laser printer toner cartridges. There are a few ways to figure out which type of toner you need for your printer. Either remove the old cartridge from the printer and look up the numbers on the cartridges or search by brand and printer model number to discover which cartridges will fit.


Ink cartridges and toner come in many well-known brands. For best results, pick the toner that matches up with your brand of printer, though most printers will work fine with a variety of brands. Some brands to look for include high-quality printer ink and toner from Brother, HP, Samsung or Xerox. There are also unbranded options, but they may not provide the same results as their branded counterparts. Look for brands that promise longevity and quality as well as compatibility with your tech for the best printouts you can achieve.

Toner Options

Purchase cartridges in a variety of ways, from single, individual pieces to packs that contain multiple cartridges and give you more bang for your buck. Some toner types to consider include high-yield toner, for printing many pages efficiently and clearly, or energy-efficient toner cartridges, which means you save on power every time you use your printer. Of course, cartridges are recyclable so you can easily do your part for the environment when they run out of toner. High-capacity toner works well for high-volume tasks.

Factors to Consider

When you shop for computer supplies, you want to keep in mind what you need ink and toner for and buy accordingly. If you only use your printer sporadically, you may not need to pay more for a high-capacity toner cartridge. If you work in an office and print thousands of sheets every day and go through toner like crazy, purchase cartridges in bulk and opt for high-volume brands and types to ensure the best quality no matter how many documents you print daily. Consider aftermarket cartridges if you're on a budget, and if you're not sure when to buy toner, opt for a printer that alerts you when you run low.