Private Seller Cars

Buying a car from a private seller can reap a lot of benefits. If trustworthiness comes into question, some dealers can be just as untrustworthy as a private seller, so whomever you buy from requires a bit of research and thoroughness on your end. One of the best reasons to buy from a private seller is the lack of markup. Depending on how dealers acquire their cars, they often add different fees and markups so that they can turn a profit. Unfortunately, that bloats the price for the end user. There are quite a few types of worthwhile cars available from private sellers, as long as you do some research and follow some simple steps.

Buying from a Private Seller

It's more likely that you'll be buying a used car than a new car, when it comes to a private sale. Most often, the seller's car was their only daily driver for some period of time. When you're buying from a private seller, there are a few key things to do first. First, run the vehicle through REVS and make sure there is no lien on it. Ask for current registration and ask to look at the VIN number on the vehicle. You should be able to run a report (often free) based on this information. Lastly, always have any vehicle checked out by your own trusted mechanic before purchase.

Brand and Model Types

There are many different brand and model types available from private sellers in Australia. Holden private seller cars are one of the most popular brands, offering coupe, SUV and station wagon options, with manual, standard and semi-manual transmissions. A staple of Australian cars for years, you can find reliable Holden cars as old as 20 years old, or ones that are practically brand new.

Car Types

Make sure you do some research on what type of car is best for you and your family before even taking a test drive. For larger families, you may want to consider an SUV or a top brand of station wagon, such as Toyota station wagons from a private seller. If you are a single person or a couple, you may want a luxury passenger car, such as a Mercedes-Benz. If you work in construction or labour, you may want a heavy-duty vehicle, such as a pickup truck.

Best Features

Look for features that will make driving more enjoyable, especially if you do it often. Special standout features for some include heated seats for colder temperatures, an in-dash GPS navigation system to help get around town or satellite radio to enjoy music while driving.