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Pro Audio In Ear Monitors

When you are up on stage and playing your heart out, it's important to know exactly what you sound like, and you're not going to get that over the roar of the crowd and all the other instruments. Pro audio in-ear monitors let you hear exactly what you're playing, giving you that vital feedback to ensure you're hitting the right note on time, every time.

Monitors vs. Speakers

People have written thousands of words on the difference between pro audio speakers and monitors but the basics are always worth repeating. Audio speakers exist to reproduce the best sound they possibly can; pro audio studio monitors exist to reproduce the most accurate sound they possibly can. Musicians need to hear the sound they are producing, warts and all, and thanks to monitors, they can. There are other differences between speakers and monitors, but that's the most important.

Monitor Types

Not all performers play with in-ear monitors, some use pro audio stage and wedge monitors. Wedge monitors are one of the most popular kinds of stage monitor. The cabinet lays flat on the stage with the speaker angled back towards the musician. They work very well for guitarists, but not as well for keyboardists as the instrument can block the monitor. Many keyboard players prefer stand-mounted monitors for just that reason.

In-Ear vs. Stage Monitors

While stage monitors are very good, they do have some limitations. For one thing, you can only take full advantage of them while standing right where you aim them. Move too far and you are listening to someone else's monitor. In-ear designs avoid this problem because they move when you move.

In-Ear Basics

In-ear monitors are more than just earbuds. They need an amplifier in the electronics rack, a transmitter, and then a bodypack receiver. You normally plug the earbuds into the receiver, which you wear around the waist. Many sets support multiple channels so one amplifier can cover the whole band.

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