Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Programmable LED Signs

Made for a variety of uses, programmable LED signs get your message across in the simplest, brightest way. Simple to use, these energy-efficient business signs provide instant advertising for your restaurant or retail establishment. With a spectrum of colours and features available, LED signs are a user-friendly option for affordable, customisable advertising no matter what you're selling.


The most popular type of business signs, other than open and closed signs, LED signs work in a pinch when it comes to letting the public know what you're offering. Some signs offer only red or white letters, while others feature multicoloured letter options. Scrolling signs don't limit how many words you can use, since passersby can easily read the words as they move by while indoor/outdoor signs give you versatility when it comes to advertising.


The deciding factor when it comes to purchasing LED signs may be the features they offer. Lightweight signs are easy to install, and signs that let you program an animated image enhance the look of your advertisements. Choose a Wi-Fi compatible sign that you can program via your tablet or mobile phone, and pick a sign with an extended lifespan, such as 100,000 hours of use. A sign with a high pixel resolution means smooth, easy-to-read letters and a remote control lets you change up your display without taking down your sign. A built-in clock keeps your customers and clients apprised of the time on a regular basis. Make sure you select a sign with high daytime visibility.


Signs vary in size, and if you know exactly what message you'll be programming into your sign, it's easy to select the right size. For instance, some signs only allow enough space for one line of moving text, while others are taller and let you program in paragraphs, a list of prices or a picture with text. A small sign that's 100 cm by 68 cm doesn't give you the space that a large, billboard-style sign does. Before you buy a sign, consider where you'll install or put the sign and measure the dimensions to ensure the sign fits the allotted area.

Sign Uses

Not only are LED signs perfect for businesses, retail stores and restaurants, but they also work well for other uses, including schools, churches and radio stations. Update visitors at a park or zoo on current conditions or exhibits, or keep a sign outside a gas station, bank or sports arena. They're even useful in the workplace, and keep employees in the know about meetings, closures, or other staff information. Versatile and cost-effective, LED signs are the simplest way to put all types of information out there for public consumption.

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