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Protective Garden Netting, Mesh, and Covers

One of the best ways to keep birds and insects away from plants is with garden netting and covers. Lightweight netting keeps your flowers or produce protected while allowing them to receive the sunlight and airflow that they require for growth. Netting comes in many sizes and colours to meet your specific needs.

Bird Netting

Bird netting often has larger holes than insect netting does as a way to protect plants from larger predators. This type of garden netting is strong and durable. Crafted from lightweight nylon in an effective crosshatch design, garden mesh keeps game, birds and other animals from your garden. Choose UV-resistant garden covers to enjoy the protection and durability of a long-lasting cover.

Insect Netting

Made with smaller holes that insects can't fit through, insect mesh keeps bugs at bay when you use it to protect your garden. Perfect for an outdoor garden or a greenhouse, insect netting comes in colours that include green, black and white, and the fine mesh protects plants from even the smallest insects. Keep herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers from damage with this user-friendly lightweight mesh.

Doorway Mesh

Don't want birds or flies coming into your greenhouse doorway when you open and close the door? A simple solution to this is installing doorway mesh. These feature magnetic strips that attach to your doorways, creating a curtain that keeps bugs and birds out of your greenhouse. It also keeps you protected from mosquitoes and other flying hazards as you tend to your plants.

Netting Accessories

Though you can easily drape garden netting over your plants, in some cases, you may want to anchor the covers down so they don't blow away on windy days or during inclement weather. To do this, consider investing in tent stakes, weed mat pins or cable ties to help to secure the covers to garden markers or other tools in order to keep the nets in place.

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