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Pumpkin Costumes

Pumpkin Costumes

Perfect for Halloween, fancy dress parties or autumn events, theres plenty of pumpkin costumes for both adults and little ones. From straightforward orange clothing to blow-up costumes, there is an outfit for everyone.

Pumpkin Costumes for Halloween

A popular choice for Halloween costumes, pumpkins are associated with the holiday in the form of jack-o-lanterns, hollowed out pumpkins with a light inside to form a lantern. Originating in Ireland with the festival of Samhain where the souls of the dead were thought to roam the earth, the lanterns were cut into grotesque faces and used to represent both the souls of the dead and also ward off evil spirits. Over time, the advent of Halloween costumes has made the pumpkin a fun and easy choice. Entire morphsuits make individuals into a somewhat scary pumpkin, whilst fun, plush pumpkin hats slip over your head for an easy outfit and a bit of comic relief. Its possible to purchase rubber pumpkin masks, which emulate the original idea of the fearsome jack-o-lantern, and for those who want to keep with a Halloween theme but not sacrifice style, you can purchase printed dresses and stockings.

Pumpkin Costumes for Babies and Children

One of the more adorable options for infant costumes, there are several styles for babies. Onesies with pumpkins printed on the front make a practical solution. Pumpkin costumes for boys and girls feature fitted leggings and sleeves with voluminous orange torsos and cute little green and orange hats for plenty of flexibility and movement. There are even inflatable costumes to really get that pumpkin big and round. Pumpkin-printed orange tunics make costume creation a breeze, simply pop them on over your head and youre done.

Pumpkin Costume Materials and Fabrics

Utilising plush and stretchy fabrics, pumpkin costumes are designed to be easy to wear and comfortable in which to move. Babies costumes and onesies are made from printed cotton to be soft against delicate little skins. Childrens costumes may be made from nylon and polyester for affordability, lightness and stretch. Adults costumes use polyfoam, nylon and polyester for bright colours and hold their shapes well.

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