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Pumpkin Patch Maternity Clothes

Pumpkin Patch is a leading designer and manufacturer of maternity and children's clothes. The company was founded in 1990 in New Zealand, and first began as a catalogue-only business. But by 2001, Pumpkin Patch had begun selling online, and quickly net a major deal with Nordstrom. Though Pumpkin Patch has since closed its doors, its maternity clothes are still highly sought after. Pumpkin Patch maternity clothes come in a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns.

Pumpkin Patch Maternity Dresses

Pumpkin Patch maternity dresses are designed to be loose, flowing, and very comfortable to the wearer, and can be an ideal option for expectant mothers who experience a higher degree of waistband discomfort during pregnancy. Pumpkin Patch maternity dresses are available in many styles including shifts, tea dresses, and wrap dresses all in a wide variety of lengths. In a pinch, shorter-length maternity dresses can also be used as tops when worn over comfortable leggings.

Pumpkin Patch Maternity Jeans

Pumpkin Patch maternity jeans are manufactured in a wide variety of materials including denim, 100 per cent cotton, cotton blends, and more. The waist seam of Pumpkin Patch maternity jeans is typically fitted with soft, stretchable material that reaches from beneath the top of the denim up over the belly for additional comfort and grip, and to prevent accidental sliding or slippage during use.

Pumpkin Patch Maternity Tops and Blouses

Pumpkin Patch maternity tops and blouses are manufactured in light and stretchable materials, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, and fabric blends in classic colours and patterns. Top and blouse styles include tanks, camisoles, traditional blouses, button-downs, wrap blouses, and knit tops.

Pumpkin Patch Maternity Trousers

Pumpkin Patch maternity trousers are slightly more formal than jeans, and are suitable for wear to work or other formal occasions. Common materials used include corduroy, linen, viscose, denim, and synthetic blends. Common styles for Pumpkin Patch maternity trousers include straight-leg trousers, cargo trousers, lined winter trousers, flared-leg and boot-cut trousers, and more.

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