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Buying Purdy paint brushes on eBay

If you're starting a home project or commercial paint job, you're going to want the right tools to help you get the job done right. Purdy paint brushes use high-quality materials and specially designed brushes to make sure that every paint project is a pleasure.

Types of Purdy paint brushes

Purdy offers a wide range of brushes and home painting supplies so that you can customise how you paint. One of the main differences between Purdy paint brushes is the finish it provides. Finish refers to the glossiness or sheen of the final paint job when it dries. Finish varies from high-gloss to completely matte. Some Purdy paint brushes offer ultra smooth and even mirror-like finishes.

Purdy paint brushes can also be categorised into flat and angled brushes. The bristles of flat brushes are cut straight across, while the bristles of angled brushes are cut at a gradual angle. Generally, it's best to use an angled brush for any area that touches another surface, such as the corner of two walls. Flat brushes are perfect for use on flat, wide surfaces and will help you paint more area with fewer brushstrokes.

Where to buy Purdy paint brushes

eBay stocks a huge collection of Purdy paint brushes that will fit every job and application. Purchasing on eBay will allow you to search through hundreds of sizes, bristle materials, and bristle cuts to find the perfect brush for you. Whether you need just one brush or are beginning a collection of painting tools like paint thinner and solvents, you'll find what you need on eBay!

Discover Purdy paint brushes on eBay today!

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