Purple Athletic Shoes for Women

Go deep purple with your sneakers

Bright coloured sneakers are a fun trend. There’s no reason your fashion style needs to be compromised for your work out. Choosing purple sneakers is a true style statement, and because lots of awesome sporting brands incorporate purple into their designs, making a bold colour choice, you won’t have to compromise on quality either.

Fashion forward choice

Athleisure wear is a fashion trend that has been adopted with great enthusiasm by young and old alike and it’s here to stay. Sneakers work well when teemed with leggings, gym wear, lounge pants, sweats. Finding your street style can take a little more effort, it can take time to find a signature style that sticks. Once you find a type of sneaker that you like– whether it’s Nikes, purple Converse, Air Jordans, you learn which clothes mesh well with a certain silhouette. Denims, shorts, long skirts, dresses, these days anything goes with sneakers. When pairing a look with such a bright colour, you want to make sure the sneakers pop, stick to neutral colours on the base and build your look from the shoe up. Limit your statement pieces, it’s all about those purple sneakers, if your outfit is too loud, they’ll drown.

The importance of socks

Not to be overlooked, it makes sense when you care about which sneakers you put on your feet that socks should compliment them. Consider bright, printed socks that copy sneaker designs or have their own bold pattern on them. Socks are a crucial part of a wardrobe, when sneakers are making a statement, there are lots of options to explore, different textures, good old black and white. Remember to choose wisely the wrong socks could throw your look off.

Enjoy shopping on eBay and browsing through the awesome selection purple sneakers available.