Traverse any terrain with a new quad bike

Memorable moments are what make life incredible. However, the best adventures arent always found on the beaten track. For those with a taste for adventure, discovering the most incredible experiences sometimes means taking the road less travelled. A quad bike is your all-access pass to the world beyond the roads of Australia. These all-terrain vehicles are designed specifically to tackle any trail, no matter how tough.

Whether youre looking for an opportunity to start a new hobby, or youre an avid rider in need of a new engine for your automatic quad, youll find everything you need for a thrilling four-wheel drive experience.

The ultimate ATV

As perhaps the sturdiest, and easy-to-use bike for beginners, quads can deliver a fantastic all-terrain ride for people of all ages, provided they have the right training and supervision. A 125 cc quad bike can tear up the dirt in the Australian outback, with rear wheel power that delivers an unforgettable, bone-rattling experience.

Here on eBay, you can find automatic and manual engine quad bikes from some of the top bike manufacturers in the world. Youre spoilt for choice from a huge range including Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Polaris, and Honda quads. Choose from a quad semi, single cylinder bike, or a 125 cc sports vehicle. Your brand new ATV will give you a different perspective on the great open spaces across Australia.

Get into gear with your quad

Whether youre a fan of Motoworks, Atomik, or countless other brands, theres an ATV out there for any keen driver, complete with the perfect seat height and carburetor. Gear your own ATV up with brand new accessories, like a shiny new set of brakes, or powerful stroke engine, and find the perfect motorcycle helmet and other essential safety gear.

Take an expedition on eBay to find the quadbike of your dreams, and youll be out on the trails of Australia pushing your vehicle to full throttle in no time.