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Got one to sell?

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These days, you might be used to the keyless office and keyless car entry. Well now you can extend that convenience to your home. Just as you remember codes for banking and to log on to your computer, you can install keyless door locks for your home that require nothing but a sequence of numbers or even just a fingerprint to use.

It's time to say goodbye to lost keys and calls to firemen or locksmiths and hello to the keyless door lock with some online help from eBay.

Conventional locks and handles

Just moved home or building or renovating? Buying door knobs and handles or replacing door locks and lock mechanisms is a key part of the project. You want your home to be safe and secure. If you have taken over from a previous owner or tenant, you want to be sure that keys to your property are only held by you. Consider your need for deadlocks, screen door locks and sliding screens and doors. There are a lot of different locks mechanisms and door handles that you need to take care of, and eBay can be the place to help you do so.

Keyless lock systems

Keyless home entry systems are worth considering if you are upgrading your home or building new. Keyless digital locks can work by fingerprint, retina or voice recognition and access code. Some systems give you up to 100 fingerprints & 10 user access codes. Water resistant for external use, these reliable systems can be implemented in a variety of climates. Other keyless door locks come with codes and security tags that are read by the system. And, just like with other door handles, you can choose from options that match the look and feel of the rest of your home.

Digital entry code doors

You will be familiar with digital entry code doors in which you push buttons with a passcode for access. They are independent of any system or power source, including electricity of battery. Perfect for your home, granny flat or cabins that you might rent to tourists, such a door handle lifts to clear the code each time you want to change it.

To unlock the range of keyless door locks available to you, visit eBay today.

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