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Range Hood and Oven Filters

The right range hood and oven vent kit is essential to keeping old grease and debris from entering your food and your exhaust system. If not cleaned and replaced properly, the filter can clog, which can affect the quality of air you're breathing and create a possible fire hazard. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your filters. Simply remove the filter and clean with soap and water, but never use bleach or strong chemicals since this can cause corrosion.

Range Hoods

Range hoods, sometimes referred to as vent hoods, are normally mounted to the wall above a stove top or directly to the ceiling above it. A range hood and oven lamp bulb can illuminate the hood, which is typically constructed of metal and painted to match the design of your kitchen. Since range hoods are large enough to cover the stove top's cooking surface, they can easily trap and funnel fumes into the unit. Once the fumes are sucked into the unit, they either go through the filter or outside, depending on how your range hood is installed.

Range Hood Filters

There are several types of range hood filters, and knowing the type you have is essential. Once you know the type of filter, you can explore options to upgrade it or maintain the one that your stove uses. In most instances, replacement filters are only required for charcoal and mesh. Baffled filters are designed to withstand excessive cooking conditions and are meant to be cleaned and reused for several years. Many stainless steel filters tend to last the lifetime of the range, especially if they are cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Charcoal and Mesh Filters

Charcoal and mesh filters are normally used in a ductless range hood. This type of hood draws air through the filter, cleans it, and then recirculates it back into the kitchen. The filter removes steam, oil, smoke, and odours from the air and requires periodic cleaning with soap and water. A charcoal filter does not replace one made of mesh; instead, it works together to remove as many contaminants as possible. It is recommended by most manufacturers to replace a charcoal filter once per year.


Knowing the brand name of your stove makes buying a replacement filter much easier. Even if your stove is older, many times, you can still find the filter you need. For range tops where the manufacturer is no longer in business, it is possible to find a generic replacement filter with the same size specifications as the original.

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