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Rat Traps

Rat traps are not just the simple spring loaded device on a slap that we see in cartoons. Modern pest control includes rodent animal traps that are far more efficient and sometimes even more humane than the old-school cheese trap we all know. If you are having rodent trouble in these modern days, there are several ways to address them. Choosing the right rat trap involves defining the rat problem and seeking the right rat solution.

Rodents within Your Home

The only question you need to answer in selecting the right type is whether you want to catch the rodent alive or dead. A simple mouse trap will handle most rodent problems round your home or office. Live mouse cage traps are the more humane approach and they are used in combination with leftovers as bait or special mice bait cubes. Mice cages are designed in a way that the mouse traps itself inside once it enters the cage. There are even advanced models which can bait and trap several mice before they need to be emptied.

Types of Traps

Rat traps that kill the rodent instantly are also available in large number of designs. The size of the rodent can be an issue when selecting the trap as some traps are designed for smaller and some for larger rodents. Getting the size right makes a big difference as an incorrect trap may only wound the rodent or miss it entirely. Also, note that these traps are not pet friendly and you might end up injuring one of your pets by mistake.

Rodents Outside

Rodents within your yard, garden or plantations can cause different sorts of trouble which cannot be solved by the aforementioned solutions. Fortunately, there are specialised mole traps designed to solve these problems as well. Special mole traps can be placed in the ground and you can even get cage traps large enough to capture a fox wondering on your property.

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