Rattan Benches, Stools & Bar Stools

Rattan Bar Stools

Durable and aesthetically pleasing for any kind of seating arrangement, rattan bar stools blend in easily with your existing decor. Depending on the type of bar you’re constructing and the look you’re going for, wicker is a perfect, neutral complement that adds both elegance and usefulness. There are several different types of rattan stools to consider, as you’re outfitting your space.

Open-Back Types

Open-back barstools add virtually no seat height; with these type of stools, the back is completely open. These types look like your traditional bar stools. They may have a rounded or egg-shaped seat, or they may even swivel, but there is no protective back. These are good choices for a built-in game room bar in the finished basement, to give it an authentic feel. You may not find too many rattan open-back types, as rattan construction usually is used is the back of the stool, but some rattan options include a filled and cushioned round seat with a rattan overlay.

Chair Stools

A chair stool is shaped like a regular kitchen dining chair, but its legs have extra height so that it can be used as a stool. These types of stools work well as breakfast bar stools. They’re a more optimal choice for areas where you may be sitting for longer periods of time, as they add some back support. Rattan material is often used as the back of the chair, and sometimes as a fill for the seat.

Swivel Options

Both open-back and seated stools have swivel options. Should you want a swivel stool, there are several types. There are rattan stools that swivel the entire way around, and those that only swivel for 180 degrees around. A swivel option may be a wise choice if you have stools placed in a party atmosphere, such as a cocktail party, allowing guests to turn to each other and talk to each other more easily.

Colour Choices

Rattan’s colour is typically a very light beige, and because of this it blends in neatly with any decor. However, rattan is often painted, allowing you many more colour options when it comes to designing the room. Other popular colours include black or espresso, but for modern looks you can choose brighter colours, such as red, yellow or even teal.