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Reachers and Grabbers

You can use a reacher to retrieve items high on a kitchen or garage shelf without standing on a stool or ladder. Use one to grab trash from the ground or pick up dropped items. Individuals with mobility and dexterity issues and others who want to avoid bending and squatting can use this daily living aid to carry out everyday tasks. Along with reachers and grabbers, you can find other mobility equipment designed to help you work safely and efficiently whether you're at home, work or on holiday.

What are some uses for a reacher?

Clean up your yard without bending over or touching debris you're collecting for the trash bin. You can reach behind a bush or investigate what's under a log and keep yourself out of harm's way. With every task completed, you'll prevent wear and tear on your back. Aside from using a reacher at home, a rock collector could use one to pick up river rocks, while someone else might use one to gather seashells. Additionally, golfers use golf ball pick-ups and retrievers to recover lost balls and eliminate back stress.

What are some benefits of using a reacher?

A reacher allows limited mobility, wheelchair bound and other users the freedom and independence to go about their day without asking for help. Since ladders are a safety hazard, this helpful tool prevents falls and other mishaps from occurring. These daily living aids are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 50 to 100 centimetres to accommodate different lifestyles and help users complete a variety of routine tasks.

What features should you consider in a reacher or grabber?

Reachers and grabbers are available in folding and non-folding models to suit your preferences. Varied configurations are available, such as a straight bar and one claw, two rotating claws and other designs to accommodate different levels of dexterity. Likewise, some include a magnetic tip to pick up small items, such as paper clips or screws, or some have a hook to pick up items like dropped keys. You'll appreciate reachers with a soft trigger handgrip that's easy on the fingers when you grip an object. Depending on the model, the tool is rated to pick up lightweight items under 1 kilogram or as heavy as 9 kilograms. Most are made from a non-corrosive material, such as aluminium.

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