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Got one to sell?

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There is nothing better than lounging back and enjoying your favourite TV show or movie than in your living room recliner chair. Recliners are so comfortable and make it easier to stretch out and relax while at home, without retreating to the bedroom. If you buy a recliner for your home, you can guarantee your whole family will want to use it.

How Do Recliners Work?

Recliners have a back that leans back and a footrest that comes up so that you can put your feet up. The angle at which you will recline depends on the model but is enough so that you can be comfortable but still be able to watch TV or look at other people in the room to talk. Some recliner models have a lever on the side to pull up the footrest and can recline by pushing back into them. Newer models often have a remote control to make things much easier.

Recliner Materials and Colours

Recliners come in a range of different materials so you will find one that fits in with your existing lounge suite or home decor. Soft fabrics such as cotton or polyester are great and feel nice to sit on, while there are also leather recliners that look smart and are easy to clean. There are always various colours and patterns to choose from, so you can decide between a plain colour or a print that will look nice in your living room.

Recliner Covers

To protect your recliner from spills or dust, it is good idea to buy a cover to put on it that you can either keep on it while sitting or remove. If you need some extra comfort on your recliner, there are some great sheepskin covers made to fit that are super soft and snuggly.

Home Theatre Recliner

To avoid making your other half jealous of your single recliner, you can purchase a 2-seater home theatre recliner, which will make you feel like you are at the cinema together. These models have two recliners joined together with a table in the middle, made from leather and PVC and even have cup holders.

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