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ZIMMERMANN Women's Regular Jumpsuits, Rompers and Playsuits

The designer sisters, Nicky and Simone, founded the Australian company because they understand what a woman likes. Take for instance, ZIMMERMANN women's jumpsuits, rompers, and playsuits. The clothing style and patterns provoke a range of feelings just as varied as the women who buy them. Designs are playful, provocative, and alluring without being over the top.

Women's Clothing

Inspiring designs are contagious, so sneak-peeks at the inventory of women's clothing lets you know what is available. Short, mid-length and maxi dresses are suitable for a night at the club or enjoying date night with someone special. Pair jeans with a bomber jacket for a casual look, or slip on a stylish suit to attend the upcoming corporate meeting. Plus, there's an inventory of swimwear for beach season and sportswear to take to the hills whether you ski, hike, or hunt bear.


In terms of making a fashion statement, the selection of floral ZIMMERMAN floral jumpsuits, rompers, and playsuits won't let you be outdone. Consider ones with an open-back and silky ruffles down the front. Other showstopper options include an embroidered, polka-dot romper with lace trim around the bodice and hemline. These chic outfits keep you looking well-dressed whether you're dashing out to the ice cream shop or window shopping.


Clothing made from cotton blends and 100 percent cotton are cool on the skin for hot days under the harsh Australian sun. Jumpsuits made from polyester or rayon means the clothing is ready to wear out of the box. Silk examples ooze luxury and style; plus, the fabric is durable so you'll be wearing your favourite playsuit for quite some time.

Garment Care

Your schedule is booked to the max, so your time is valuable. Wash and wear items go from the dryer to the hanger, requiring little effort on your part. Let your washing machine do all the hard work for items that only require soaking and spinning. Equally convenient are Zimmerman dry-clean-only jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits. Your neighbourhood professional drycleaner knows how to keep your clothing and you looking rather stylish.