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Relocatable Home

Relocatable homes are a budget-friendly option in today's economy. You can position them in various places, including on your own land, in a rental community or as part of a planned subdivision, and they vary by style and by size. These factors, in addition to floor plan and features, largely help to determine the home's price. It is also important to note that the cost of the house does not include the cost of the land, as that carries a separate price.

Floor Plan

Most relocatable homes range in size from 274 to 762 square metres and feature two to three bedrooms, making them ideal for smaller families. Still, the floor plan of each does vary and may be customised to fit your preferences. When shopping, you can choose between single-wide, double-wide and triple-wide homes. Single-wide homes are three to four metres, double-wide homes are seven to eight metres and triple-wide options can range up to 12 metres, offering the most space.

Relocatable Home Features

Relocatable homes are generally built to mimic site-built or more traditional homes. As such, you will often find similar features. As you search, take your lifestyle and personal tastes into account. Popular exterior features include skylights, French doors, bay windows, tile or shingle roofing and exterior faucets. Likewise, favoured interior features include recessed or whirlpool tubs, walk-in closets, custom cabinets, wood-burning or gas fireplaces, textured walls and accommodations for ceiling fans. In most cases, the types of exterior and interior features you choose heavily determine the price of the building.

Home Location

One major consideration is where you intend to set up your home. If you plan to purchase your own plot of land, you'll need to take zoning laws into account, as not all areas allow for the placement of relocatable homes. In addition, you should consider the convenience of hook-ups, including electricity, water and sewage with respect to home placement. On the other hand, if you plan to place your home in a rental community, remember to consider the length of your lease and its terms.

Home Transportation

Before relocatable home installation can occur, the site must first be prepared according to the appropriate guidelines, as this helps to ensure your home's safety. You can perform site preparation and installation yourself by following the home's included manual, or you can hire a professional contractor. Nevertheless, you need to first establish a solid foundation.

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