Remued Pottery

Remued Pottery

Remued pottery is a line of Australian pottery that was produced from the 1920s until the 1950s. These pieces feature a distinctive style that sets them apart from many other types of similar ware. They all feature a dripping glaze look with a glaze that is darker or lighter than the base colour at the top of the piece and dripping down the sides. As well as original Remued pieces, you can also find replicas and pottery done in a similar style.

Antique Original Remued Pottery

Pieces of original Remued pottery that are considered antique are some of the earliest works done in this style. Many of them feature incised floral or leaf motifs as well as the distinctive dripping glaze look. The most common types of antique remused pottery are vases and jugs.

Vintage Original Remued Pottery

Vintage original remused pottery consists fo pieces that were made in the 1930s or later. Some of these pieces feature brighter colours than the earlier pieces. As well as jugs and vases, there are also some platters and bowls from this era. There are also wall pockets which are decorative cones that are designed to be hung from a wall, creating a pocket to store or display items.

Replica Remued Pottery

Replica remued pottery is a good option for those who want to capture the look of the original pieces but do not feel the need to have a true original. Most of these replicas are designed to look like specific pieces of remued pottery and to the untrained eye, many of them are nearly indistinguishable from the originals.

Remued Style Pottery

Remued style pottery is a good choice for those who enjoy the overall look of remued pottery but they want a more modern take on the distinctive dripping glaze style. Most remued style pottery is not designed to look exactly like the originals. Instead, it combines the distinctive look of the Remued dripping glaze with more modern shapes and colours.