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Reptile Thermostat

One of the most important things to consider when keeping reptiles is maintaining appropriate temperatures and temperature gradients in their tank or terrarium. Thermostat reptile supplies and reptile heat mats help to achieve this within the confines of captive conditions by maintaining the correct conditions to suit your reptile’s needs. Opt for digital thermostats with energy-saving LED displays, as well as ceramic infrared lamps that will simulate your reptile’s natural conditions.

Digital Temperature Thermostat

With an on/off temperature cycle adjustable between 0.1°c and 5°C, digital temperature thermostats offer a continual readout of the current temperature in your enclosure. Some come with adjustable alarm functions that will give you a visual and audible warning if the temperature goes above or below the ideal parameters, with the option to plug in and use with preset parameters if you wish.

Infrared Lights

Keep your reptiles at an ideal temperature with ceramic infrared lights that help to replicate their natural environment. The bulbs are made from glass that contains earth black phosphorus to simulate the moon’s natural glow. Create effective nocturnal viewing conditions without disturbing your reptile’s natural day/night cycles.

Day and Night Simulation

Most thermostats and temperature control reptile supplies also simulate the differences between day and night for your reptile, just as they would experience in their natural environment. Set two different timers within a 24 hour period so your reptile can bask in the warmth of daytime, then experience the naturally cooler conditions after dark.

Energy Saving Features

Opt for a reptile thermostat with dimming capabilities that will help to extend the life of your heating elements, particularly if you’re using incandescent bulbs. For greater energy efficiency, opt for LED display screens and back lights that will automatically shut down if not used for more than ten minutes.

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