Rescue Bots Transformers & Robot Action Figures

Rescue Bots Transformer Toys

Nothing beats a good Transformers toy. Ever since the classic franchise has been rebooted, it has enjoyed an excellent lifetime and continues to touch the lives of robot lovers young and old.

What are Transformers: Rescue Bots?

Rescue Bots is a story book series, animated robot superhero TV series and toy line that features a noticeably divergent art style than the previous cartoons. It started in 2011, and is set on a fictional island where the Rescue Bots learn about teamwork and heroism along with their human friends.

What Are the Main Features of the Toy Line?

The design excels in simplicity, which lends to its durability and accessibility to younger audiences. These auto-transforming toys are able to hold their form in vehicle mode with 5 mm ports.

What Designs and Characters Can I Choose From?

The different characters to collect include the iconic Optimus Prime and his original sidekick Bumblebee. Newer characters like the firefighter protege Cody Burns and the eccentric scientist Doc Ezra Greene are only a few of the many you can collect. Play sets are also available, giving you multiple characters and robot action figures to combine and transform.