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Restaurant Coffee Tampers

If you have a restaurant that makes coffee available to the public, one of the most useful coffee accessories to have on hand is a restaurant coffee tamper. Knowing more about the coffee tamper helps restaurant owners bring a better coffee experience to their guests.

What Is a Coffee Tamper?

Many restaurants and coffee shops use the coffee tamper because these commercial coffee accessories help to elevate the flavour of coffee in a way that other methods are unable to replicate. Baristas use tampers to pack espresso grounds into the filtering basket of espresso machines. Tampers have a way of packing grounds in an even fashion, so each shot offers the highest-quality coffee flavour possible.

Importance of Tamping

Restaurants that care about their coffee culture usually research their restaurant supplies and other commercial coffee accessories to find a model that is durable and efficient to create the best shot of espresso possible. Tamping is essential for creating a rich flavour that elevates coffee to its highest point before going into the commercial paper coffee cups or other types of drink holders. Tamping coffee grounds creates a need for water to interact with the grounds for a longer period because the water has to force itself through the packed grounds in the coffee basket. This process helps to wring out every drop of flavour from the coffee beans, then pass it along to the customer.

Types of Restaurant Coffee Tampers

There is a variety of coffee tampers available on the market that can help create the perfect shot of espresso. Four of the most popular types include the dual-head tamper, puck tamper, handle tamper and the weight-calibrated tamper. Each one of these coffee tampers has the ability to create a shot of espresso that tastes great every time.

The Right Tamper Choice

Restaurants that pull multiple shots of espresso need to have a tamper that fits the needs of the restaurant traffic as well as the clientele. There are tampers like the dual-head tamper or puck tamper that are great for casual use. Restaurants that receive a lot of coffee drinkers may find that a weight-calibrated tamper or handle tamper work best for pulling higher volumes of espresso shots on a daily basis.

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