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Restaurant Grills

Restaurants and fast food chains have invested in some sort of restaurant grills which can either be electric or manual. Fast food chains and restaurants with a large footprint usually invest in electronic grills as cooking time on those is faster and increase the turnaround time of food. Restaurant grills are typically purchased for the unique menu and cooking needs of the restaurant.

Electric BBQ Grills

Electric BBQ grills are usually made of thick stainless steel, and are easy to clean and maintain. These griddles have hot plates which heat up quickly and cook BBQ items much faster. They have adjustable temperature setting which can be adjusted according to the cooking needs of the cook and the item being cooked. They have large surface areas and can be used to cook a large variety of items at the same time. These BBQ grills for restaurants are not just used to cook BBQ items, but can also be used to cook various breakfast items as well.

Commercial Deep Fryers and Griddles

Restaurants with large menus and a lot of traffic usually invest in a commercial deep fryer, grill and griddle all built into one compact machine. Using these machines is extremely convenient and more than 2 people can work on these machines to ensure a lot of items are prepared and served quickly.

Shawarma, Gyro and Kebab Grill

Some restaurants also invest in shawarma and gyro grills which are usually small and can be fit on small surface areas. They are a good choice if you are looking to expand your menu as they are very easy to operate as well.

Investing in the right Kitchen Equipment

It is extremely important that you do a proper needs, menu and capacity analysis of your restaurant before investing in any restaurant kitchen equipment. Purchasing kitchen equipment, grills and machines can be quite expensive therefore, experienced people in the industry should be consulted and the market should be surveyed extensively before making any final purchases and investments. It is also a good idea to invest in equipment which has good warranties.

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