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Restaurant Ovens

A great oven is a piece of restaurant kitchen equipment that not many restaurants can do without, so making the right choice is essential to restaurant business owners. Enjoying all the best benefits of commercial ovens starts with knowing more about these products so you can make a more informed purchasing decision.


Operating an oven is a pretty straightforward task. Just set the dial to a specific temperature and cook food until it is ready to serve. Even though using an oven is pretty easy, there are a variety of oven types on the market that are useful in specific ways. There are different types of ovens that restaurants use to cook food, so it is important to choose the one that is right for your particular restaurant. Some of the popular types include standard ovens, cook-and-hold ovens and conveyor ovens.


Restaurant owners who are looking for a great commercial oven with lots of versatility may want to consider the standard oven. These ovens are fairly simple to operate and use radiant heat to cook foods at an even temperature throughout. A double standard oven may be ideal for restaurants that want to cook various items at the same time using different temperature settings.

Speedy Delivery

Restaurant owners who need to cook food quickly and en masse may want to consider the conveyor oven. Conveyor ovens use a process known as impingement, which blows hot air over the food as it goes through the conveyor belt and allows people to cook foods very quickly. This type of oven is a great choice for pizza parlours and for restaurants that cook and sell products at a high volume. It is a good idea to be aware that conveyor ovens do not have much overhead room so clearance for taller items may be limited.

Slow and Steady

Do you have a restaurant business that caters or offers buffet items? Cook-and-hold ovens may be just the type of oven you need. This type of oven acts like a slow cooker and also helps to keep food warm for serving purposes. Restaurant owners also use this type of oven for braising, roasting and baking bread. These ovens are a great choice for restaurants that do not have ventilation hoods.

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