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Got one to sell?

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Tow the line with a retractable clothesline clothes airer from eBay 

Doing the laundry is one of life’s unavoidable chores. While we all might prefer to just buy new clothes every time the ones we wear get dirty, the simple truth is we all need laundry supplies to keep our colours bright and our whites spotless.   

Once you’ve done the laundry, of course you need a place to hang it. Don’t have room for a full Hills Hoist out the back or enough space on your clothes horse? Not to worry. You can buy retractable clotheslines online from eBay and let it all hang out when it’s clean and ready.   

At home or work 

A retractable clothesline can be a space-saving way to install a useful tool in your home or at your workspace. The retractable clothesline gives you quick access to a dependable line for hanging clothes, towels and other materials when you don’t have access due to other clothes airers due to weather or space concerns.    

Don’t sweat the forecast when it’s time to do laundry. Stop letting those wet rags pile up and get musty in the corner of your workshop. Stop crossing the line when it comes to keeping your stuff clean. With the protective plate, mounting screws and nylon string included, you’ll get everything you need to hang and dry when you buy a new retractable clothesline online from eBay.   

On the road 

A portable clothesline can be a lifesaver when you’re on the road.    

Travelling for work and stuck in a hotel room? Heading into the wilderness with some mates and don’t want your clothes to smell too bad while you’re piled into cars, camper vans and tents? A clothesline that fits into your luggage can come in handy all over the world and help you keep your clothes clean and dry.   

Find retractable clotheslines for your home and other portable drying lines for when you’re away and give your threads a chance to be fresh and dry.  

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