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With so much entertainment for kids these days built around using computers, tablets, phones or television sets, it can be easy to forget how much fun you can have with outdoor games and toys. Interactive toys and play equipment are active, whole body experiences, designed to promote physical activity and encourage kids to have a fantastic time. A swing car is a ride on toy suitable for kids of all ages. Ride on swing cars are simple and easy to use - simply by swinging the steering wheel, kids can control the speed and direction of the car - and they are also so much fun! When purchasing a swing car online, there are a couple of things to think about. Firstly, check the dimensions of the swing car and its weight capacity. Some ride on swing cars may be designed only for very small children, whilst others are made for kids of all ages - or adults, come to that! Depending on the weight capacity of the swing car and its seat design, you may also be able to sit on the car and drive it with a small child, to help them steer. You can choose from a broad range of ride on swing cars in various styles and colours, and you may even find a swing car designed with a particular character or story in mind.

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