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Road Racing Bike Frames

Racing Bicycle Frames

Racing bicycles are road bikes specifically designed for speed and maneuverability. They typically have a slimmer profile than many other types of bikes and the frames are shaped to reduce air resistance. Along with the shape and overall design of racing bicycle frames, the material is another important thing to consider. These frames each have their own advantages and ultimately it is up to you as a rider to decide which type is best for you.

Carbon Fibre Racing Bicycle Frames

Carbon fibre bicycle frames are a popular choice for racing bicycles because the material is very lightweight. As well as being lightweight, it is also strong and stiff. Carbon fibre also has vibration dampening properties which makes for a smoother overall ride. This makes it a good choice for those who enjoy long distance cycling or those who ride over uneven surfaces.

Aluminium Racing Bicycle Frames

Racing bicycles with Aluminium bicycle frames are also very common. Aluminium racing bicycle frames are also lightweight yet strong. They do not have the same type of vibration dampening properties as carbon fibre frames but they can be used in conjunction with aluminium fork shocks to make the ride more comfortable and smooth.

Steel Racing Bicycle Frames

Steel bicycle frames are heavier than those made of some other materials but many people still prefer steel racing bicycle frames becuase they are much more supple and springy than other types of frames. Some riders believe that this gives them more maneuverability and others simply find this type of frame comfortable.

Titanium Racing Bicycle Frames

Racing bicylcles with titanium bicycle frames are known for their durability, and long overall lifespan. The material is lightweight yet more supple and flexible than some other frame choices. It doesnt corrode which makes it a good choice for humid climates.

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