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Fill your child with joy with a Roary the Racing Car themed toy available on eBay. Created by David Jenkins and first aired in 2007, Roary the Racing Car has been a popular television show for kids. The show, filled with plenty of animated colourful and fast vehicle characters, is perfect for little ones to watch and love.  

Purchase Roary himself in fun racing car remote control format, so your little one can see Roary move, talk and zoom around at their leisure. There are also remote control versions of all of Roary’s friends; Hellie the helicopter, Drifter, Tin Top, and Plugger, to be found on eBay. Or, find a whole box playset complete with their favourite characters as figurines and vehicles in hot wheel size. Alternatively, you can find the official Silver Hatch race track from the show, which allows kids to place cars on and see who wins.  

In addition to motorised car toys, you can also find plush toy characters like Flash the Rabbit and Chris the Mechanic. These toys have bodies made of soft fabric material, while the head, hands and feet are made from hard plastic. Some versions of this toy also have a button in their tummy, so children can press to hear the character talk and play. If you’re looking for other toys and action figures, browse the range of themed toys available online today.  

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