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Embrace your inner astronaut with rocketry available on eBay! 

Calling all future rocket scientists and amateur rocketry enthusiasts! On eBay, you can find everything you need to create, construct, and launch your own model rockets. Rocketry is a fun and experimental hobby that teaches scientific experiments in a safe and controlled way.   

If you’re new to rocketry, begin with a starter set. These are very basic, simple and easy to use and provide the perfect introduction into rocketry. Once you’ve had some experience with these, you can upgrade to higher quality, more complicated models. These models are great mimics of real-life rockets, often created as realistic replicas of well-known space ships like the Apollo. You can also enjoy the range of space toys and models available online. Or, purchase space themed costumes for your next dress-up party.   

For those that enjoy the construction phase of rocketry, choose a kit that requires you to put the pieces together yourself. Or, if you’d rather get straight in to the launching, there are plenty of models available that are ready to go. With no fuss, no painting, and all-inclusive engines, igniters, and recovery, they are fitted with everything needed to use straight away.  

Another important thing to pay attention to is the scale of the model. You can find a range of different scales available on eBay, so be sure to filter by this metric to find what you’re looking for.  

Search through the rocketry on eBay to find the right product for you.