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Holden Rodeo Cars

One of the first types of popular sport utility trucks sold in Australia and New Zealand, the Isuzu, or Holden Rodeo was manufactured only in the 2000s. Because of its strength, durability and toughness, many models are still on the road today and in great shape. The last year that the Rodeo was manufactured was in 2008, and it is now known today as the Holden Colorado.

Utility Vehicles

The Rodeo was slightly different from other cars and trucks in that it had the ability to put a flatbed or cap on the back for hauling. Most Rodeo models were 4x4, allowing for off-road use or use in inclement weather without too much worry. These trucks were (and are) great for farm work, landscaping jobs and other work where materials and tools need hauling.

Features of Rodeo

One of the main features of the Rodeo, when compared to other pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, is the fact that it offered a dual cab. This means that you could comfortably seat four, and have enough room to haul materials and tools. Holden Rodeo models could also be set reasonably low to the ground. As popularity grew, there were some Holden models that were a full-on SUV type, with seating for five and hauling capabilities in the back. Older models offer only the pickup truck option.

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As the Rodeo was only on the market for 18 years, one of the best ways to shop for the model you want is to sort by year. Youll find earlier models marketed and manufactured by the Isuzu company, and Holden cars took over manufacture of the Rodeo much later, disconintuing it in 2008. Popular years include 2005 through 2008, where both pickup truck and SUV types were available.


The Rodeo was rebranded in 2008 as the Holden Colorado and if youre looking for sport utility or pickup vehicles that are slightly more modern, its a wise idea to look into more recent models of the Colorado. It still offers the same Holden durability and hauling space, with more streamlined features and comfort.