Roll Up Mattresses

Roll Up Mattresses

Made from memory foam, latex or gel, roll up mattresses offer superior comfort and support while being easy to transport. They are a good option if youre looking for a mattress that is conveniently packed and compressed. Choose from options with or without traditional coil or pocket springs to get one that complements your sleeping preferences.


Just like in the case of reviewing regular mattresses, its important to take a couple of factors into account, and the most important of them include the materials from which the mattress is made, its firmness, size and price. Moreover, dont forget to have a look at the memory foam density if you opt for this kind of mattress.


roll up memory foam mattresses are some of the most popular choices around, and they are available in a multitude of brands and sizes. Latex roll up mattresses are also available if youre looking for a natural material. Finally, you can also opt for roll up mattresses with gel foam, which help to regulate your body temperature while moulding to your individual shape.


Just like regular mattresses, roll-up ones come in various levels of firmness, so you can choose the right one for your sleep preferences. From soft to extra hard ones, its easy to find one that works well for your preferred sleeping position and spinal alignment. For example, side sleepers generally prefer a softer mattress, whereas stomach sleepers are often more comfortable on a firmer mattress.


Besides being very easy to ship and transport, roll up mattresses are also environmentally friendly, because a delivery driver can carry a larger number in a single van and thus reduce his carbon footprint. Moreover, they are easy to manoeuvre for a single person, so you wont need additional help carrying it upstairs and installing it.