Roof Top Camping Tents

Planning to enjoy Australias great outdoors on a weekend camping adventure or the road trip of a lifetime? Bring comfort and versatility along for the ride with a roof top tent and/or car side awning from Darche, Bullet, Sahara Tents, OzEagle or another leading brand. Mount the equipment to your roof racks and drive away. Youll be able to relax under the shade of your side awning during the day and sleep easy at night knowing your vehicle, food, clothes and personal belongings are right below you.

Why choose a roof top tent?

The number one benefit is the convenience of having your mobile sleeping arrangements permanently attached to your SUV or 4WD. Its the hassle-free way to see the sights, connect with nature and get the rest you need to keep going. If youre taking the whole family or travelling in a large group, you may want to pack additional camping canopies and shelters.

Whats included in the package?

Roof top tents are constructed with a lightweight alloy base, alloy centre pivoting yoke for strength and weight reduction, alloy slide ladder for convenience, and water resistant canvas tent and polyester fly. And the best part? Your tent comes with its very own built-in mattress, so all you have to do is find a nice spot and set it up in minutes. Specifications vary between items, but a standard roof top tent is approximately 55kg and 2.4m long x 1.4m wide x 1.24m high. Other features worth looking out for include fly side vents, laminated PVC tonneau cover with cold crack treatment and D ring tie downs, raw edges bound with canvas, fine insect mesh throughout, self-repairing coil zips and removable pack-down bungee cords. Dont forget to check out eBay for all your other holiday needs including extra camping tents and canopies to throw in the back of your vehicle.