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Roofing Gutter Guard

Cleaning up roof gutters can be a dangerous task, as the risk of falling is ever present. Gutters must be cleaned every year or so to prevent damaging your roof. A good solution is by installing roofing gutter guards. These home improvement devices effectively block large debris such as leaves and tree needles from entering your gutters, thereby clogging them. There are numerous designs, each with their pros and cons, but ultimately do the duty of reducing the required labour cleaning your gutters.

Gutter Covers

Gutter covers are more intricately designed than gutter screens but are consequently more expensive. These come in sections which you install little by little along the length of your gutter and can vary immensely in design and effectiveness, so shop for these wisely. Many gutter cover designs slip under the shingles and stay on using plastic latches along its length. Surface-tension gutter covers have rounded noses which channel the water into the gutter but do not allow leaves to pass through.

Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are the easiest to install. These come in rolls of a particular width, typically the standard 5 to 6 inches which happens to be the cheapest option. It is important to take note of the trees around your house. If leaves are the main problems, then gutter screens are the way to go because the perforations are big enough to let water through, but keep large debris like leaves away from your gutters. Slide the screen under the shingles so the screen angles downward, causing the leaves to slide off.

Roofing Supplies and Guttering Materials

Other roofing supplies can make gutter maintenance or gutter guard installation a breeze. Purchase thick corrugated steel roofing material so that water flows smoothly into your gutters and have a lower risk of developing rust holes. Guttering materials like gutter spouting brackets will work in tandem with your gutter guards to keep your water egress system in top condition.

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