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When someone mentions flowers, of course it includes daisies, orchids and lilies, but it’s difficult for many not to think of roses first. Queen among plants is that thorny, vining plant that everyone knows and loves, which for centuries and perhaps even millennia has served as a noble crest, a symbol of peace and a sign of love.

Classical Beauty

Roses are your grandmother’s flower, but their popularity never seems to diminish. A popular choice for public buildings and art installations, people know and acknowledge that unchanging loveliness. For all their thorns, it’s easy to relate to such commonly-seen flowers as roses, and yet there’s never anything truly common about them.

Timeless Elegance

You can find roses in ancient art, from the Renaissance to the Romans and even before. As far back as most of us can think, the rose has been a token of affection and even a tool of diplomacy. After all, what is that we bring to our significant others in lush bouquets? Which flower’s petals do we throw at weddings? How old are these rituals? It’s impossible to be certain, but we’ve done it that way for a long time, with no sign of stopping.

All Skill Levels

Lots of roses are surprisingly easy to grow and care for, although there are exceptions. What’s more, there are so many ways to do it that the gardening hobbyist or enthusiast in you shouldn’t ever get bored. With the right gardening tools and even accessories like gardening shoes or gloves, you can pot, vine and shape your roses in dozens of ways and using a broad array of techniques. For those who just want something that climbs a fence, roses are fine for that, too.

Something for Everyone

Like the poem says, roses are red; of course, they come in white, pink, yellow, orange and other colours, too. Some grow more like a shrub, while others vine like there’s no tomorrow. For those worried about getting stuck, there are thornless and nearly thornless breeds of rose. No matter whether you’re after small, delicate blossoms or huge and hearty ones, there’s a rose that’s right for you!

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