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Rotating Laser Level

Whether you’re working indoors to create a 360-degree horizontal or vertical beam, or outdoors excavating, a rotating laser level will help to simplify a whole range of tasks. Select from manually levelling options using a mounted bubble level, electronically self-levelling level using a pendulum system, or an automatically self-levelling dumpy level that works using electronics and gears.

How Does a Rotating Laser Level Work?

A rotating laser level projects a beam of light 360 degrees, enabling you to establish a horizontal or vertical plane depending on how you position the level. They emit a diode beam of light, which is usually either red or green in colour. Laser receiver levels are required when working outdoors as you will not be able to see the light from the rotary laser level with the naked eye.

Green Beam Laser Levels

Green beam laser levels utilise more energy and generally have a longer distance of visibility, as well as being closer to the visible spectrum that can be seen by the human eyes. This makes them preferred by many when it comes to industrial levels, particularly for those working indoors. Keep in mind that they won’t be visible outdoors when working in the full sun, so you’ll need an electronic laser receiver in this situation.

Red Beam Laser Levels

While red beam laser levels are not as visible indoors, red diodes are more affordable to make than green diodes. This makes them attractive to those working on smaller scale indoor projects or outdoors in conjunction with an electronic laser receiver.

Agricultural Uses

Rotating laser levels are not only used in the construction industry, but also in a range of agricultural applications. These multipurpose industrial supplies can be used to level the land to near flatness with a slight gradient to assist with drainage, as well as to improve nutrient use efficiency and yield higher crop productivity.

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