Royal Doulton Pottery & Porcelain

Royal Doulton Pottery and Porcelain

Royal Doulton is a name synonymous with fabulous dinnerware and collectables and is loved all around the world. The brand has been around since the early 1800s and has a vast variety of all things you need for food and drink service in your home. Each collection comes together with care and with you in mind, and you can find many traditional or modern pieces available for sale.


There are so many different beautiful Royal Doulton dinnerware sets to choose from, so no matter what your home decor or design preferences are, there will be a collection that is perfect for you. You can have matching sets including bowls, plates, cups, serving trays and pasta bowls, all in contemporary designs with a range of colours. Your dinner table will always look stylish with Royal Doulton. The London Calling collection features pictures of famous London landmarks while the Pacific collection includes nautical themed pieces.


Tea lovers will enjoy making their tea in a Royal Doulton teapot and drinking their cuppa from Royal Doulton teacups. There are also many fabulous mugs for coffee or hot chocolate drinkers too. Royal Doulton is not only about hot drink vessels as there are also beautiful wine glasses, crystal glasses and hi ball glasses for everyday use.

Celebrity Collections

Well known celebrities have made collections with Royal Doulton including Ellen DeGeneres who shares her love and positivity through her dinnerware designs. Gordon Ramsey also has a collection that features stunning table and dinnerware that will complement your dinner parties well.

Characters and Figurines

If you love collecting ornaments for your home, check out the lovely range of Royal Doulton characters and figurines. Over the years, there have been many different characters to collect including the Bunnykins series, which includes bunnies dressed up in different costumes. There are also different collections of dogs, women in beautiful dresses and royal figurines.