Royal Winton & Grimwades Pottery & Porcelain

Royal Winton Grimwades Pottery and Porcelain

If you are a pottery and porcelain enthusiast, then you must own a piece of Royal Winton Grimwades Pottery and Porcelain. Their pieces of pottery and porcelain are known for their dainty designs, unique built, timeless elegance and vintage look. It is one of the strongest porcelain and pottery brands worldwide.

History of Royal Winton

The Royal Winton brand was started in London in 1885 by Winton Brothers who had a passion for pottery modelling. In 1913, the Winton Brothers created pottery for King George V and the Queen. Currently the company is known as Royal Winton and produces giftware, tableware and limited-Edition pieces. Even though the company has evolved so much over the years, however, each Royal Winton Grimwades piece is still a timeless classic.

Royal Winton Grimwades Pottery

Royal Winton Grimwades pottery pieces include gravy boats, complete cutlery sets, and classic utensil sets, to name a few. Each pottery piece can be recognized by its dainty design, floral prints and classic English soft colors, like the Royal Winton Grimwades Noritake Bowl. Vintage Royal Winton Grimwades pottery pieces are collected by porcelain and pottery enthusiasts and are affordable, depending on their condition.

Royal Winton Grimwades Porcelain

Royal Winton Grimwades porcelain pieces are known for their beautiful prints. Some of the classic prints include Florence, Marion, Old cottage, Royalty, Stratford, and Welback. Royal Winton Grimwades porcelain pieces include teapot sets, open sugar basins, small tea and milk jugs, and tea cup and saucer sets. Porcelain is also used by Royal Winton in figurines like the Royal Winton Grimwades Beswick Figurine.

Taking Care of Your Porcelain

To ensure that your Royal Winton Grimwades pieces stay in their timeless elegant condition for a long time, make sure that you always wash them with lukewarm water with very mild soap. Never rub them with abrasive clothes, instead use soft washcloths for cleaning and drying them. Furthermore, if you find that an area of your porcelain pottery is chipped, don’t wash it, instead get it fixed by a professional first.