Rust-Oleum Paint, Stain & Varnish

Rust Oleum Home Paint and Varnish

Give your home a new look with Rust Oleum home paint and varnish. Youll find a wide range of products which will work for many different projects. The first step is to know which types of paint you need for your DIY home painting task.


N many cases, a Rust Oleum primer will be the first step in painting a room. The primer prepares the surface for the paint so it takes fewer coats for adequate coverage. This product is especially important if youre trying to cover a dark or bright colour, such as black or red. Rust Oleum home paint primers also cover up dirt and stains which cannot be removed by cleaning.

Interior Paint

When painting a kitchen, living area or bedroom, youll need a paint designed for interior walls. This paint comes in multiple options. You can select Rust Oleum gloss home paint for areas like the kitchen where you wipe clean often. Matte paint is ideal in bedrooms and living rooms. There are special paints for countertops, sinks and tubs, and even for concrete floors. You can even use the Rust-Oleum spray paint cans for chairs, tables and other furniture.

Outdoor Paint

Paint used on outdoor items must be designed to hold up to the elements, so it is often waterproof. Rust-Oleum provides a paint for outdoor grills and other items that must stand up to heat, rain and other things. Using this paint can help prevent rust or stop it and cover up any current rust spots.

Special Paints

Rust-Oleum makes a wide range of painting products for speciality applications. For instance, the Glow in the Dark painting kit glows for several hours once it has been charged by light. It can be used on wood, metal and other surfaces. Clear paint covers and protects a surface without changing the colour.