SATA III Internal Hard Disk Drives

Enjoy in-built storage at top speeds with a SATA III internal hard disk drive, or HDD, operating on your computer. The third-generation of Serial ATA interface standard, also known as SATA III, is not only faster than earlier revisions, but is also backward-compatible with both. Opt for drives from brands such as Samsung, Intel, Dell, Western Digital and Seagate over unbranded SATA III internal hard disk drives for reliable data security and hardware stability in case of shock, vibration and moisture.

SATA Form Factor and Capacity

Ensure that your internal hard disk drive is capable of connecting to your computer with no impact by checking its SATA form factor. Desktop drives feature a 3.5-inch form factor and are usually bigger than laptop drives in all ways. The thinner, narrower and shorter laptop drives usually have a 2.5-inch form factor. Decide on the drive capacity that best meets your needs. With a 2 TB SATA III internal hard disk drive, you get to store up to 2,000 digital video hours, while a 4 TB SATA III internal hard disk drive gives you double that capacity in a single drive.

SATA III Internal Hard Disk Drive Features

In addition to faster transfer speeds than any other format, up to 6 GB per second, enjoy other SATA III internal HDD features, such as adaptive memory technology that determines where to store data to optimise performance. Mull over the low noise feature if noisy computers bother you, while a shock-resistant drive keeps going even after you drop it.