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Thinking about cutting your fringe but aren’t sure whether it will suit you? Or just wishing you had long hair but don’t want to wait months for it to grow in? Bangs and hair extensions are not for everyone. But wouldn’t it be nice to give them a trial run without committing to a few months of disappointment if they don’t suit. Well, now you can.

Temporary Clip-ons Versus Salon-Applied

The best and most obvious advantage of these hair pieces is the ease with which they can be applied. Using pressure-sensitive clips, it takes only a few minutes and you can be up and away on your evening out or hot date. Because they are only intended for temporary use, they won’t damage your own hair as permanently fixed ones can.

Even a good quality set of extensions will set you back far less in time and money than a trip to a salon. And because you can chop and change your style in a moment, they will last a lot longer and require less maintenance than the permanent variety. Choose a lighter colour than your own hair and you can add length, volume and highlights to your existing style.

What Are They Made Of?

There are two types of hair extensions – real and synthetic. Both come in a wide range of colours, styles and methods of application. Obviously, real hair is just that, with the same look and feel. Synthetic hair is generally made of a type of plastic fibre, which means they won’t last as long and are more easily damaged by exposure to the elements, including a blow dryer.

But good quality, temporary bangs and human hair extensions don’t cost the earth. You can pick them up from any trusted eBay seller for around $10 to $20. Not bad for the chance to test run a whole new style. Give them a try today and surprise your friends… and yourself!