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Smeg Rangehood and Oven Parts

Smeg has been building its brand name in Australia for over thirty years and counting. Specialising in domestic appliances, the company is famous for both quality and design, which leads to excellent longevity. One key to that appliance's longevity is the ready availability of Smeg rangehood and oven parts. It's easier to maintain or repair your Smeg oven than to replace it with something else.

Smeg Oven Doors

Every time you use your oven, you have to open and close the door at least twice. That puts stress on various components, but especially on the hinges and oven seals. While hinges can last a very long time, seals do eventually wear out. They are not difficult to replace, but do take care to check how they're attached.

Oven Elements

Without a functioning element, your oven won't cook anything. Many Smeg ovens use fan-forced elements, where a fan drives air past the heated element and into the oven. Replacement Smeg fan parts can get your oven back up and going quickly. Put safety first, and unplug your oven before you start work. It's not worth the risk not to. Besides, it makes it much easier to move the oven.


You might not think of it when you are changing the lights, but bulbs are also classed as rangehood oven parts. Oven lamps may not sound like much, but when you are trying to see whether that pie is done, it really helps to have enough light to see colours properly. Smeg lamp bulb parts are designed for long service life, even in the two hundred degree or higher heat of your oven interior.


One of the easiest parts to replace is the grease filter in your rangehood. Every time you cook, hot air carries grease and other particles upward from your cooktop. The extractor fan does a great job of getting rid of fumes, but as particles build up in the filter the fan has to work harder and harder. You can clean the filter, but sometimes you need to go all the way and replace it.

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